Garfield becomes quite existential when translated into Japanese and then back into English. Based off of this website.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Garfield: Lost in Translation (6/22/09)


  1. Had to walk through the translation once to realize that GAHUIRUDO is Garfield. Last time I wondered what it meant I didn't know what original comic to compare it to, although I might have guessed if I'd remembered it went to and from Japanese.

    I'm actually surprised the translation knows what to do with Garfield ( ガーフィールド ). I would have expected it to just dump back Garfield as untranslatable.

  2. "Do I obtain the fact that simply one is chosen?" Wow, I didn't know Garfield could be so deep. :)

  3. Oddly enough, Google translates Garfield back and forth properly, whereas Yahoo! changes it is Gahuirudo. It actually puts it in brackets, but I have started to remove the brackets...just for aesthetics.

  4. This one is a keeper simply because of this phrase: "Confusion it is drowsy it will be boring?"

    What twisted version of English that is!