Garfield becomes quite existential when translated into Japanese and then back into English. Based off of this website.

A few people have asked for the originals; they are of course at

Monday, April 20, 2009

Garfield: Lost in Translation (8/16/04)


  1. "A few people have asked for the originals." They can be found at the site given, but how? Take this comic and try. You can't do it by keyword lookup, one because this is a mangled translation and two because the damned feature doesn't always work on that site. You can do it by date, but you have to page through several years of 8/16 to get a hit.

    In this case, I happen to know exactly which comic this is. See this link where I most helpfully post links to the source comic and original comic.

  2. I see that I totally missed the date on the comic, for some reason I saw it and thought it was the posting date of the comic itself.

    Given the date, it is indeed trivial to go and look it up yourself, if you've eaten your Wheaties.

  3. Yeah, I'm making sure to include the date of the original comics now. It makes it much easier.